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This beautiful juniper was displayed at MAB by Tom Kruegl.

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Thanks to Flex and his team for all the effort they put forth in making the past two years a very successful time or our club.                           

We are a bonsai club in Southern New Jersey that will enhance your enjoyment of the art form.

Jim provides a comprehensive evaluation on a members tree.

Part of the process is to envision the future potential of the tree.

Visiting artist, Jim Doyle of Natures Way, demonstrates his styling skills on a pre bonsai tree.

   Upcoming Special Events

Oct 2-4 Octoberfest at Natures Way with Walter Pall

Oct 10th Quince Bonsai at Rosade Studio

Oct 16th Colin Lewis at Natures


Nov 7th Deciduous Decisions ayNatures Way

Nov 14th Carving Series at Rosades